"Once you look into his eyes, it's lights out" - Will Ferrell about Zayn

M1Jarvis: Thank you to the Denver Nuggets for letting us use there Gym.


*whispers*  BRAVE

One Direction In Milan Full Interview HD

Baby, I Want You

SummaryZayn’s bruised and marked up good, shaking and moaning with Liam’s name on his lips, and Liam doesn’t think he’s ever loved anyone this much before.

But Zayn’s not there in the morning, and even though he’s under an unnecessarily thick duvet, Liam feels so, so cold.

[Or the one where Zayn won’t admit his feelings unless he’s drunk and Liam pines. A lot.]

What am I gonna do with myself when they sing You & I LIVE??


7/19/13 (x)